The National Institute for Law and Justice Education serves as a division of the Accrediting Commission for Law and Justice Education, which is a registered non-profit organization. The Institute was created by justice professionals, for justice professionals, and is operated under a consortium strategy of affiliated colleges and universities, as well as members of the criminal justice community to provide an exemplary educational curriculum and level of instruction, at a cost that is substantially more affordable than most education content providers. The Institute was founded specifically to serve the higher education needs of the law and justice community by providing quality education materials and services to the academic community. The instructional intensity of  the law and justice instructional programs provides, what we believe, is the most challenging academic curricula available. The Institute’s curricula and its pedagogical approach demands, from each student in attendance, a devotion to the learning enterprise, the attainment and demonstration of academic excellence within the discipline, as well as the ability to apply this knowledge within the profession.

The Institute’s mission is to serve the profession by providing the finest educational resources possible within the law and justice disciplines. The faculty affiliated with the Institute are some of the most experienced and highly qualified professionals in the country, who recognize that the quality of your collegiate education matters significantly to preserving the standards of our profession, as well as contributing to the future professional opportunities and personal successes of those student enrolled in classes offered through the Institute.

The instructional programs offered through the Institute are academically challenging, pertinent to the profession, and intellectually enriching. This website highlights some of the significant aspects of our approach to collegiate education and the instructional programs that were developed to support the law and justice community. Each course offered through the Institute and through sponsorship by our collegiate partners is developed and taught by an experienced member of the criminal justice profession, who has not only earned an advanced degree in the discipline, but who also possesses decades of experience in applying this knowledge. We believe this distinction sets the Institute apart from most other degree programs by providing students with an exemplary and valuable education.

Within the pages that follow you will discover that the National Institute for Law and Justice Education is a progressive institution that affords its students with a unique opportunity to immerse themselves within the study of law and justice.  The educational strategy of the Institute seeks to assure that each student receives an exemplary education that not only serves to advance their mastery of the law and justice disciplines, but which also provides a substantive foundation to enhance their professional competency, and prepare them to take their place as a leader in the law and justice professions.

The quest for knowledge and the delivery of exceptional instruction rests at the core of the academic strategy at the Institute. We combine the very best learning practices from both traditional colleges and universities with technology mediated institutions, to produce a learning environment that is intellectually stimulating and academically challenging. The Institute is devoted to providing the very best education possible, at an affordable price, and we are committed to assuring that each and every graduate of the programs we support is adequately prepared to make a significant contribution to the law and justice professions.

We are certain that you will discover that the Institute’s approach to professional education, our standards for academic excellence, the relevance of our instructional programs, the qualifications of our faculty, and the affordability of our training is exactly what you have been searching for in a professional training and development program.

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