The National Institute for Law and Justice Education was founded specifically to serve the research and higher education needs of the law and justice community. The Institute’s primary mission is to design and develop curricular innovations that satisfy the ever-changing needs of the law and justice professions. In addition to authoring curricular pathways, the Institute sponsors comprehensive research pertinent to the law and justice disciplines, as well as constructing quality education materials and providing courseware development services to the academic community in support of teaching and learning enterprises. The Institute, together with JusticeAcademy.org, also sponsors Research Fellowships for members of the academic community, students, and practitioners who have a desire to conduct comprehensive analyses and inquiries. The scope and reach of the research agenda sponsored by the Institute endeavors to meet the breadth and depth of the profession’s requirements for quality analysis and interpretation. The Institute’s curricula and its pedagogical approach demands, from each student in attendance, a devotion to the learning enterprise, the attainment and demonstration of academic excellence within the discipline, as well as the ability to apply this knowledge within the profession.


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